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What is The GO! Campaign?

 The Go! Campaign is the BIG SWIFT KICK-IN-THE-PANTS that Found Space Theatre needs to launch an extraordinary season filled with exciting theatre pieces and practices that will spill out into the vessels and veins of the Piedmont Triad. We are raising $5000 over 60 days, running through Labor Day.  It is the first Crowdfunding Campaign that will serve to raise awareness about Found Space’s reappearance, and with great effort, rally together a small but significant group of supporters who love the Piedmont Triad, love quality theatre, and believe strongly in Found Space’s unique mission.


What is the money being used for?

 We will use the Go! Campaign funds to:

·         Pay licensing fees up front for the very many performances of “Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men” that we are planning to do.

·         Rent materials and secure the licenses for TWO musicals.

·         Purchase Marketing Materials and Sponsor Incentives

·         Pay the Videographer and Photographer for the “Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men” promotional videos and pictures.

·         Hire a stage/house manager for the Community Center performances of “Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men”

·         And support the artists that have been working so tirelessly and voluntarily on our production of “Black n’ Blue Boys/Broken Men” since November of 2015.

 Ticket sales represent a very small source of revenue for Found Space Theatre, as we do not typically sell tickets at our performances that take place outside of a traditional theatre. Our production expenses are slim because we perform with minimal or zero props, scenery, costumes or lighting.

Our revenue depends upon Donations at Performances and Events, Sponsorships and Grants, and Online Crowdfunding through Social Media marketing.

The GO! Campaign will help us pursue support and funding at higher levels, while supporting the artists who are working on these projects as we speak.


Why should I contribute?

 Quite simply, because Found Space Theatre is most particularly unique.

 The community service role that Found Space Theatre promises is remarkably different and much more palpable than the brick & mortar theatre companies that we historically associate with live theatre. Similar to Greensboro’s Touring Theatre Ensemble, it is our mission to take powerful theatre pieces and put them in front of a variety of audiences, but we are different in that we are directly focusing on this community and region, and choosing award-winning, critically-praised theatre pieces that will most likely not be seen by an audience in the Triad. By avoiding the overhead expenses that are inherent with renting/owning a performance space, we avoid the dilemma most theatre companies face when they are forced to program commercially popular plays and musicals in their season, in order to pay the bills. We make our choices solely for artistic and community oriented purposes,

 Found Space Theatre’s mission is to perform in front of every single, solitary resident of the Triad community, by choosing theatre pieces that are relevant to every single Triad resident, and placing these theatre pieces in locations that are familiar and comfortable for every single Triad resident.  Regardless of income level.  Age.  Gender. Ethnicity.  Disability.  Education level.  Attitude.

 It is our mission, our purpose and our dream that every single person living in the Triad will have a powerfully interactive and personal experience through the actions of Found Space Theatre.

We want YOU to join us on the front lines of that dream!


What do I get if I contribute?


 Everyone who contributes at least $25 to The GO! Campaign becomes a member of an exclusive group that we are calling the “FOUND-ERZ”.  Only contributors to The Go! Campaign can earn membership into this group.

Here are some of the FOUND-ERZ unique benefits:

·         A Free (and kind of cool) “I’m a Found-er” Pin

·         You will be uniquely listed as a “Found-er” in every program this season

·         Reserved Seating to any/every Found Space Theatre Performance this season if you email us up to the day OF the performance!

·         Free Concessions sold by Found Space Theatre and 50% off all merchandise sold by Found Space Theatre any performance if you wear your “I’m a Found-er” Pin! (We have some really cool stuff that we’ll be selling!)

 FOUND-ERZ are our most treasured group of supporters. You will join the BENJAMINS of 2015 who believed in us BEFORE we showed them our work.  You are people who trust is us as PEOPLE outside of the work we promise to offer, and for that reason, you will be appreciated, honored and thanked, ALL-YEAR-LONG.


In addition to being a FOUND-ER, you will also earn benefits based upon the amount of your contribution.  We’ve added 2 reward categories for The Go! Campaign, the CREATORZ and the GROWERZ.  Those who contribute $100 (or more) will become a member of our “CREATORZ”.

 Here are the specific rewards that will be granted only to CREATORZ:

·         All of the Privileges given to our FOUND-ERZ

·         A FREE ½ Page Ad for one of our four upcoming shows…OR a FREE ¼ Page Ad for our ENTIRE SEASON! (Different ad sizes are available for contribution levels above $100)

·         A FREE Month-long subscription to BROADWAYHD, an online streaming service that allows you to watch some of the most revolutionary theatre performed on some of the world’s grandest stages including Broadway and London’s West End, and streamed right into your living room! (For each $100 contributed, you will receive an extra month of BROADWAYHD)


Finally, if you contribute $500 (or more) you will become a member of our “GROWERZ”.

 Here are the specific rewards that will be granted only to GROWERZ:

·         All of the Privileges given to our FOUNDERZ

·         A free FULL PAGE Ad for our ENTIRE SEASON!!!

·         A FREE Six Month subscription to BROADWAYHD.

All Deliverable Rewards will be sent to you within two weeks of your donation.


Why is The GO! Campaign important?

 In short, we need to throw some gas on this fire. Our budget is based upon income from a variety of sources, crowdfunding being only one of those sources.  But the old adage is true here, “you need money to make money”.  The Go! Campaign has been named quite aptly, because we cannot move forward in our pursuit of revenue from Sponsors or Foundational Grants without some stimulus funds.  The Go! Campaign is about fighting for that Stimulus. Pulling in those people who believe in our mission and who believe in the people who have been actively working to serve this mission.  People like the Rev. David Fraccaro and Rev. Julie Peeples who facilitated a conversation among Greensboro Clergy in response to a staged reading Found Space Theatre produced in May of Lucas Hnath’s Award-Winning Play, “The Christians”.  People like professional Equity actor Bobby Tyson who drove up from Charlotte to perform the role of Pastor Joshua in that reading of “The Christians”.  People like Sonya Desai, Navigator for The Family Justice Center, who, not only, agreed to be put on camera to talk about the cycle of abuse, but who attended the Ruby Slippers Fringe Festival performance of “Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men” in February, in order to offer support and formulate ideas about using the play to heal the community.  People like Michael Kamtman, long-time character actor with the NC Shakespeare Festival, and Professor of Theatre at Wake Forest University, who has been driving to Greensboro from Winston-Salem every Tuesday and Saturday to direct “Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men” without any promise of compensation. 

The Go! Campaign is important because the mission of Found Space Theatre is important.  Not just to us.  To everyone in this Triad community that is our home.  They may not know we’re coming, but we are certainly coming for everyone. And with a successful GO! Campaign, everyone will soon – very soon – see us in their neck of the woods.


How do I contribute?

 Go to the GoFundMe site below...

OR if you’d like your donation to be Tax Deductible, you may donate to our Fractured Atlas account at