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Jamila Curry


Jamila Curry is a graduate of NCA&T’s theatre program, where she received her BFA in Professional Theatre. Jamila also studied at Pace University in NY and toured professionally performing children’s theatre with Theatre 4 in Virginia.  Jamila is performing 3 of the 6 male characters in Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men, working in tandem with Stephanie Lindley, who portrays the other 3 men.  Jamila also performed in The Apartment Complex last summer, in the most uplifting and encouraging of the 6 plays, ”Moved In”.

Jamila is a tremendous source of power on stage and off.  She raises her beautiful and silly little niece with her sister, and stays in constant contact with her extended family in New Jersey while keeping the office staff uplifted at Century Products LLC.  Her smile alone will change your entire day – better than any anti-depressant drug, be assured.
But her work on stage will blow your mind.  Jamila has the ability to portray deep vulnerability and terrifying power – simultaneously.  In Black n Blue/Broken Men, Jamila portrays “Mike”, an educated writer and community center counselor who grew up in Brooklyn with his drug addled, prostituting mother and violent father.  She also portrays “Larry”, a retired man who volunteers on the grounds at Central Park, and witnesses quite a lot.  Jamila also gives the most stirring performance as “Timmy”, an 11-yr old boy who faces a tragedy too painful to imagine.


And keep your eye out for Jamila!  She’s writing a One-Woman show and developing plans for a very unique theatre company of her own design.  If Greensboro is lucky, Jamila will build her company here.

Come see Jamila. She’s loved by many, most certainly by us.  She’ll soon be loved by you, too.

Check out Jamila in our behind the scenes video of "Black N' Blue Boys/Broken Men" BELOW!